The Healing Energy of StonesLIZARD_SIGN w stones
By Kadee Kotter


 Precious and semi-precious stones have long been used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The healing energy of crystals and stones can bring about positive changes in the mind, body and spirit. Often times the effects of healing stones can be indirect, long lasting and potent. Many believe that the healing stones are effective due to what science calls the piezoelectric effect. This is the understanding that electric charges accumulate in certain solid materials, notably in crystals and biological matter. The electrical vibrations within stones are said to react to the electricity that is coursing through our bodies helping to harmonize, balance and stimulate our energy centers, known as “Chakras”.

Each of the many gemstones, minerals and crystals on this planet contain their own unique qualities and are thought to vibrate at their own specific frequency.

Before wearing or using a stone it is a good idea to cleanse it, removing any negative energy it may have gathered. This should also be done occasionally as you use them and share them with others. The full moon and new moon, solstice and equinox, are the best times to do this. Cleansing and purification can be done simply by placing your stone in a container filled with non-iodized sea salt. The container should be glass or ceramic avoiding plastics and definitely avoiding metals as they have a frequency that can interfere. Purification can also be done by burying the stone in the earth for at least an hour (make sure to leave a marker of some kind), by soaking it in natural spring water, smudging it with sage, or placing it atop a piece of Selenite. Charging the stone with its full potential may then be done by letting the stone soak up some sun (not too much for those that fade, such as Amethyst or Vanadanite), or by placing it on a cleansed quartz cluster for a few hours.

Sometimes, even when tender care is given to your healing companions (the stones) they may get lost or break into pieces. All that this means is that you are done with that particular energy, or perhaps that the stone has absorbed too much negativity, thus the importance of regular purification. This is frequently seen with Turquoise, as it is a protection stone and absorbs a lot of negative energy.

Healing with stones addresses the needs of the spirit and energy body, working within the chakras to provide a pathway of energy to shift the root cause behind ailments or illness. This type of healing does not provide an immediate cure for most, and is not intended to replace the treatment of a medical professional. The information contained within this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease, but may be found to complement the healing process.

Use your stones by placing them under your pillow, on an altar, carry them in your pocket, purse or wallet, place them around your home or office, and of course by wearing them in jewelry.

May your days be blessed with joy and love!